For anyone wondering enough about why there have been no new episodes for a while (even though I said there would be) to come read this, here’s what’s happening. Turns out I’ve got more stress with graduating than I expected. I am still working on the show, but I’ve had to make it second or even third priority all the time lately, so I haven’t finished any new episodes, and I’m sorry for that. Fear not, however, they will contine. The next episode might come any time next month and if not there should be a few new episodes as well as some bonus episodes in March. I don’t know how stressfull it’s going to be after that, and I don’t want to make any promises, so I can only say for certain that I will get back into a routine of episodes in July. I hope you stay with me, or come back eventually I guess, because there’s a whole lot more from Em and the Gang and I’d hate for you to miss it. New characters, voices, plot reveals, NEMESIES and everything!

And remember, behind every mask is a big


and a little