Normally Ordinary is currently on a long hiatus, but it will be back… one day.

This is the official Normally Ordinary website. Here you can listen to the podcast about Emilia Travis’ adventures in a universe where Superheroes and Villains have inhabited the world for a while now. Emilia just moved to Liverpool in order to live closer to her older sister, but things do not quite work out the way she had planned. I do my best to get out new episodes about what England has in store for her, including, but not limited to, raging fan boys, evil geniuses, assassins and Stargirl herself. However, due to university and living arrangement situations the episodes may be a bit far between. I request your patience – more is on the way 🙂

Normally Ordinary is parted into Seasons:

Season 1: Episodes 1-21 (complete)

Season 2: Episodes 22-43 (complete)

Season 3: Episodes 44-?? (any day now)

Season 4 + 5: (working on it)

For covers to each released season, check out our art gallery!

As for what will happen after the fifth season, well… let’s just say Emilia isn’t the only one with a story to tell.

This entire thing is a journey for me and a work in progress, so feel free to join me and follow how this thing develops. It may take a while, but I’m excited and determined to improve both it and myself as we go on. You can also support me by sharing this website and podcast on various social media platforms and leaving ratings on iTunes. Thanks <3