39 – Breaking point.

Normally Ordinary
Normally Ordinary
39 - Breaking point.

03.08.18. – Tensions and emotions are high.

*At arround 6 min into the episode, there are loud noises. You’ve been warned.*

The voice of Emilia Travis is Esther Reisenberger, the voice of Gordon is Lukas Steger and the voice of Reaper is Richard Reisenberger.

some of the sounds: http://www.freesfx.co.uk

Most of the sounds: me (Esther Reisenberger)

Music: “Change the world” – Violin Version; by Esther Reisenberger; arr. by Clara Palmisano; 2018 (Full version with vocals coming)

Find out more on www.normally-ordinary.com


39 – Breaking point.

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