About the Creator

Hi, I’m Esther Reisenberger, and I love fiction and comedy. Time to find out if I’m any good at either.

I attend a school for arts and crafts, basically, so what I’m actually currently doing is learning weaving, embroidering, printing and other textile related stuff, because that’s what interested me the most, but also some drawing, electronic medium art and a bunch of other, wider spectrum things, because my school is awesome.

Normally Ordinary is one of my many stories and passions, and it happened to be the lucky first to see the world. I’m obviously still learning the ropes, so excuse me if I mess up. I’m already full of all kinds of stories and ideas, in all kinds of different mediums. Not only do I write, I also have a passion for drawing and song writing, though in both I still have a lot to learn as well, and now I’m getting into drawing comics and desperately want to learn animation. Thus, I have so much to do and it is so annoying not to be able to do everything immediately.

Am I crazy? I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter, because I am not alone. One day I might go into detail about all the people who have helped me get here, and boy are there many, I’m somewhat helpless by my self (Dad, can you set me up a website and a podcast and how do I edit audio properly?). But just to get this out there right now: Thank you to everyone who supports me in this.

For any listeners out there, it’s awesome when you listen to Normally Ordinary (it gives me the confidence to continue doing this) and I love to hear you’re enjoying it, but if you want to help out even more, give it some good ratings on iTunes. Like I said, I love hearing from you, so leave a comment – talk to me ^_^ You can also follow me on instagram I guess.

Bye 😉