The life of an episode of N.O.

At first I’m just an idea. A paragraph of summery, the most important parts already there, but far away from being able to work as an episode. I have the potential to add a lot of humour and excitement in how that information is later told.

These ideas were written a long time ago, and it took long to make my paragraph fit together well with the paragraphs of all the other episodes. Sometimes they need to be adjusted, as episodes grow and change in their creational life spans.

That’s where I am scripted. I grow from a short paragraph to several pages. I’m created with the voice of Emilia Travis, her mind is my world. This takes around an hour of time, possibly a bit longer. I am printed on my very own piece of paper. I am now ready to be recorded.

Recording is fast fun. My very own twenties, where I run free and fast. This takes half an hour at most, usually around twenty minutes. The next part of my life is one of hard work. Another hour spent editing. Depending on my complexity, how many people and sound effects are in me, I take longer than an hour to be edited.

But once that’s done, I wait to be uploaded. Only some quick adjustments to my spot on the webpage, a quick paragraph for my description and I am done.

That is my favourite part of my life.

The part where I’m finally listened to and I get to entertain.

Thank you.