For the past year I’ve literally had a class on Marketing. How come I’m still no good at it?

I have no specific way of reaching my audience or potential listeners besides yelling it out there on my social media and begging others to tell their friends about it, which is vaguely ineffective, as far as I can tell, but I have very limited resources to tell me these things. I don’t really have target group, besides maybe people with my sense of humour, which is not helpful, so I wouldn’t know where to start a marketing campaign anyways, and don’t get me started on my budget.

The next best thing would be cross-promoting (if that is what it’s called), getting into contact with fellow podcasters or bloggers and promote one another… thing is, I don’t know people. Or rather, I don’t know people with which this collaboration would make any sense. And I’m to socially awkward to attempt to get to know people.

This effectively reduces my marketing range back to shouting on my social media and begging listeners to do the same. Please tell your friends, your family, your nemesis and your local Hero about my podcast and leave ratings and reviews, especially on iTunes, I heard that helps. Strangely this is a bit of a team effort, and it is the weirdest thing to leading a team that you can’t actually see, or even know is there. Having an audience is scary, but at the same time it’s the best thing ever to know someone is interested in your little creation.

This story means the world to me, and all I want is for other people to enjoy hearing it as well.