Learning by doing

Learning something new is hard and takes a lot of effort and practice.

There’s always such high expectations, once you decide to publish something you create. But the beauty of the internet is that anyone can publish anything, no matter how experienced they are. Some people will say that that’s a bad thing, that we don’t need – and shouldn’t have – hundreds of horrid fan fictions about popular boy bands but I disagree.

I think there should not be a restriction on publishing amateur or “bad” products. Weather or not they are consumed and paid for is always up to the consumer anyways. It’s a free market. And like I said, if you want to learn something you need to practice. And then work on improving yourself. Publishing is not an exception to this. Which is why I choose to publish Normally Ordinary the way that I currently am.

I’m aware that it is not up to some standards of audio quality, writing quality and acting quality, but it is my first try. My first draft of a story I desperately want to tell, and look forward to seeing grow and improve, as I learn what has to go into producing something. as I make mistakes and then learn from them.

Starting from the bottom can be scary. Scratch that, it always is. But there is no other place to start from. And the only way to get up, is to get started.

Slight tangent:

I believe in making the best of things and not letting mistakes ruin your day. I believe in using whatever you have, and not getting disappointed by the things you can’t do yet, because you are still learning. This isn’t meant as an excuse for churning out horrible products, although it does sound a bit like it. If you have the experience, the team and the money to make something great, and you choose not to, because it’s cheaper, because it’s easier – yeah, you don’t deserve positive feedback for that. But people who are just starting out, just beginning to learn all there is to creating can do so and should not feel pressured or intimidated by their own perceived expectations of quality.

Okay, self-pep-talk over. Thank you.