Building Emilia’s Liverpool

Imagine a few individuals with extraordinary powers were discovered around the world, and with them the gene sequence that makes it possible, that lies dormant in about 30% of the worlds population. What would happen?

The research starts early. Several countries trying to use these abilities for their advantage. A movement starts, to keep “Supers” or “Naturals” out of the control of the government. A law is eventually passed, that super powered individuals may not be treated differently than ordinary people. Individuals decide for themselves that they will not fight for biased groups, those who do not are taken down. Conflict arises. Scientists around the world discover a way to give superpowers to those 30%. But it’s dangerous and instable. So far, the “Supers” can be nothing more than “Heroes”, protectors who serve the public, closely monitored to discover the secrets and dangers that lie in their DNA.

In Liverpool, the “Liverpool Safety Initiative – LSI” has been working on heightened public safety for a while, in cooperation with the police force, keeping the public save from those who would abuse their power, super powered or not. With the rise of Heroes they’re combined with the “Ability Research Division” to form INI – organized crime fighting, using operatives with powers.

Creating this world wasn’t easy. I spent a long time thinking about the world wide effect this development would have, and in the end managed to wring up a conclusion that would not have world politics suddenly important enough to be the focus of every day people. INI is a key part of Emilia‚Äôs story, so every detail had to be just right. I’m still struggling to make it as convincing as possible, as reasonable as possible. If INI doesn’t work it would take one out of the story. The heroes, the super powers will also become more important as well as the setup of how their powers work. All of this needed to be carefully crafted before I could get too far into the plot.

The surroundings may just be a backdrop for the story, but an incredibly important one.