The Story Behind the Story

HA! I figured out how to make sub-pages so it’s on!

Hi, this is Esther, creator of this podcst, in case you didn’t know, and I’m kind of new to all of this. So it turns out you can’t have a normal blog page if you’ve allready got a podcast page (as far as we know or have dared to attempt), and my perfectionism is keeping me from letting them mix. So I’ve been exploring the functions of wordpress and I figured out how to give my blog page little page children (that’s not my phrasing, wordpress is calling the blog page a “parent” so it’s on them) and so now I’m using them in order to write little article like things on this new and improoved “Story behind the story” page. Or atleast I’m planning to do so, with my tendency to procrastinate who knows when I’ll get arround to writing new articles. But I thought it would be fun to write about my experience producing this podcast and whatever else I come up with.

So yeah, none of the things I write here will be important to the story, so if you’re uninterested feel free to skip it. And I know my spelling is a little off sometimes, I’ve learned to live with it, so will you. (My english teachers will be dissapointed.)

What I’m planning to include here so far are:

Insights into the process of setting up and creating a podcast

My experience with creating a fictional word and characters

Some thoughts on inspiration and motivation

It will all probaby be really random and purely my own experience and opinion, so beware. Depending on how thing’s develop I’ll add things, maybe make a little FAQ at some point as well, I don’t know, that depends on my audience. So you. Other than my podcast however, this will be anything but regularily updated, so yeah. I’ll post on instagram when I add something to this section and who knows, maybe I’ll have a twitter for this some time soon as well. Don’t expect too much of it, but anyway, I hope you can gain something from it.

Thank you oh so much,

Eshter Reisenberger.